Pet system revamp at Zu Online


The forthcoming version 1.12.00 of Zu Online raises the level cap and adds many new talents to the game, but one change players are eagerly awaiting is a major overhaul of the pet system. Both players and their pets will benefit from these changes, including pet area adjustments and a new pet combination feature, plus the introduction of high-level items for pets.


Pet Area Adjustments; In the pet areas, players can walk their pets to hunt foods for pets. They can feed pets, level up pets or raise the intimacy level between a pet and its master. To encourage more interaction between new and veteran players, the pet areas in the starting zones will be extended but the pet areas in high-level zones such as the Little Sky and Wei-Yang Palace will no longer be available.

Pet Combination; The amazing pet combination function enables players to combine pets to create a stronger one. When combining, players need two pets, one of which serves as the sub pet and the other as the major pet. Once combined, the sub pet will vanish and the major pet’s aptitude will be raised accordingly. There are some limits governing pet combination. Only level 40+ pets can be combined into a major pet. By default each pet can be combined with no more than three pets, but Pet Combination Boluses are available to increase the number of combinations allowed.

High-level Items for Pets; New in version 1.12.00, junior and senior Viscera can increase level 240 pets’ attack power, physical defense, and magical defense. In addition, Pet Chests may drop the Purple Arista Eye, which can increase a pet’s attack power dramatically.

If you thought you knew everything about pets in Zu Online, think again. More than ever, these faithful creatures will be a powerful resource to help you face the challenges ahead.


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